Operations ‘beyond possible’

25 октября
When we learned the news about this amazing operation, performed the other day on a girl with Vision impairment at the “Hi-Vision” clinic in Hainan, our editorial office hurried up to interview the administrators of the clinic. We had only one question: "How is this possible?" The answer we present below.

“When reading the data on the range of our operations, some patients would ask us: why are you specifying 27 diopters as the upper limit? Does such poor vision even exist?

Unfortunately, yes, it happens, and sometimes it’s even worse.

For example, this 12-year-old Chinese girl wore glasses, the thickness of the lenses in which resembled portholes, with the right eyepiece of 20.25 diopters of myopia (nearsightedness) and 0.5 of astigmatism, and the left eyepiece – 21 diopters of myopia (nearsightedness) and 2 of astigmatism. But the girl could hardly see anything wearing these glasses either. Therefore, at her age, she was given a certificate of visual impairment.

However, during the examination in our clinic, we found that the condition was even more deplorable. In fact, the young patient had 31.5D nearsightedness and 3D astigmatism (total 34.5D) for the right eye, and 28.5D and 3D respectively (total 31.5D) for the left eye.

The situation was further complicated by a thin cornea - 0.519 mm while the normal thickness is 0.535 an up.

Needless to say, practically no clinic in the world would carry out an operation for this kind of patient. In general, none - except, probably, ours.

But even our possibilities are not endless. That very limit of 27 diopters cannot yet be overcome even by us. However, our head doctor Ms. Liang Chun, after examining the situation, made a responsible decision to bring the girl out of disability through a complex operation of laser correction of a super-severe degree of nearsightedness and astigmatism on a thin cornea.

The result turned out to be impressive! Astigmatism is now completely eliminated, and nearsightedness was corrected to still high, but not invalid degree: the right eye became 7.5D, the left one - 6D. With such vision defect, we picked up the glasses for the patient, and wearing them she can see like most of her myopic peers.

What have we achieved? The girl's quality of life has improved dramatically, now she has access to most of the activities that she could had only dreamt of before. We hope she will get used to her new life as soon as possible. We also hope that our future patients - even those who have been refused surgery by other leading clinics in the world – will not lose heart and will never give up. There are very few cases in which we cannot help, but for the vast majority of diagnoses, we are empowered to correct your vision. Be healthy and happy!"

That’s the end of the story. We would like to remind the readers that at the “Hi-Vision” clinic patients are constantly provided with care and attention by foreign personal managers: Konstantin (WeChat ID: HiVisionKang) - Russian and English, Anastasia (WeChat ID: HiVisionRus) - Russian. They will consult you before visiting the clinic, will be with you during the whole time you spend there and will stay online for any post-operational questions in case you have them. That is a true international level of service that sets up a high standard for Hainan medical institutions to build the “world center of health industry” in our province.
Operations ‘beyond possible’